modifying a faux fur sewing pattern to a boyfriend cardigan

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Is it considered knocking off a sewing pattern, if you used a different sewing pattern from the same company? I initially was going to purchase this boyfriend cardigan sewing pattern from BurdaStyle when I noticed I basically already own the same pattern! Back in 2012, I sewed up this faux fur coat by BurdaStyle. Here is a link to that sewing pattern. Now, this worked because the faux fur pattern is a loose fit, which is how I was able to use it as a boyfriend cardigan pattern. A few modifications I made...

1. Create a facing for the back neckline 
2. Create a facing for the front neckline, continuing down the front of the cardigan
3. Create sleeve cuff

Creating a facing was quite easy. The method is the same for the back neck line piece as well, just smaller because it only has to go around the back of your neck. To make the facing, take your pattern piece and trace around the outer edge. I made a little illustration to show you what it looks like. The black line is the original pattern piece, and the pink dotted line is the new facing I drafted. The facing needs to be wide enough to have a neatly finished edge (I just serged mine) as well as be top stitched down. Without the topstitching, the facing will not lay flat and flip outwards. This is also why the facing should be neatly finished in a matching thread. Since this cardigan has no closure, you want to make sure that if an edge peaks out, it is not noticeable.

The cuffs are simple as well. You can finish the edges and just turn and stitch like I did, or create a cuff. I also cut out a large square and added a pocket. And there you have it. Those are the changes I made to this pattern to make this simple boyfriend cardigan!

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