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Friday, April 27, 2018

My love for all things Japanese stems from a long list, beginning with videos games such as Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts. When I was 13 years old the Japanese language teacher at my school gave me a couple copies of Vivi, my first introduction to street style in Japan. Funny enough on my most recent trip I actually met up with her and told her of our brief encounter. Mind you I haven't seen her since around that time so it's been about 13 years. 

Throughout the years I long lusted after many of the brands featured in this magazine. This was far enough back that many of the brands were not shipping to the United States (many of which still do not). I haven't picked up a copy in a couple years so these brands somewhat left my mind. You can imagine my excitement when I was strolling along in Shibuya to suddenly spot Snidel. Snidel has always been one of the brands most often featured that I wanted so many pieces. I said to Rick that we had to go immediately and I wasn't leaving without buying something. So we went, and I snagged this beautiful brown and black dress. How could I resist? 

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