flowers and dots dress

Sunday, May 6, 2018

I bought this dress on sale for $16 from Lulus. It crossed my mind that it wouldn't be the highest quality, but the dress initially was around $50 so I thought maybe I would be okay. Wrong. The zipper on this dress was immediately busted. I tried everything, graphite pencil to help move it, Vasoline to help unstick it. Finally the zipper came undone. This time it was separated. 

That's where my sewing skills came in handy. Seam ripped this baby out and inserted a new zipper (and saved my mind) in about 2 minutes. Thankfully, the fabric and print of this dress made it worth saving. Paired with my trusty Everlane boots, which you can buy here.


  1. You are looking absolutely charming here! Love your dress!


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