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Monday, September 10, 2018

I suppose I should start by saying I’m no coffee snob. It doesn’t take the strongest cup of coffee to make me happy and you can bet I put half and half in mine. But with that being said, I do love a chic space. So here are my favorites around San Diego! 

Communal Coffee South Park

When most San Diegan's think of Communal Coffee, they probably think of their more popular location in North Park. Even if you don't live in San Diego I'm sure their "coffee + flowers" painted wall has popped up on your Instagram feed. I recently visited their second location on Fern Street in South Park and it was pretty cute. If you enjoy outdoor seating, this location is up your alley. The vintage trailer is pretty aesthetic as well.

Moniker General

Moniker General is in Liberty Station and is actually more than a coffee shop. It's part clothing store, bar, and home goods shop. I find it to be a pretty popular location among PLNU students so expect a lot of students on laptops. Liberty Station is just a nice area to be in because there is so much to walk around and see, so get your coffee to go and enjoy the nice weather.

Public Square

I grew up in La Mesa, so once some places more my style started opening up I was stoked. First up for La Mesa is Public Square! They currently do Soul Sundays and Open Mics on Tuesday nights, if that is what you are into. If not, just go get a latte, okay? 


This is another La Mesa coffee stop, that is actually on the same street as Public Square. A bit of a different feel. They've actually painted green vines on the building since I last took this photo, as well as added a patio cover with sprinklers for when it's hot out. They also have live music & a mimosa brunch. 

And there you have some of my favorite stops! Have you been to any of them? Love them or hate them? Tell me in the comments!

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