corduroy wrap skirt

Saturday, October 6, 2018

When I picked up the fabric to make this corduroy skirt, I also grabbed this chocolate stretch corduroy (currently on sale!) from Joanns. I actually much prefer it to the other corduroy fabric I got as this one feels higher quality. I've also been living in this sweater that I ordered and it pretty much pairs with everything. 

Drafting of the skirt was very simple. It's a back panel with two front panels. I traced all the way around the edges to create a facing and hand tacked it down. I was trying to keep it looking as clean as possible. It also has three hidden button closures, two at the top and one kind of in the middle of the skirt to keep it from flying open. 

I also put two darts in the back panel to make it fit around the waist a little better. I tried to do a bottom facing so that you wouldn't be able to see the hem, but it didn't quite work out. I probably could have made it work with some interfacing though. 

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