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Sunday, October 13, 2019

My office doesn't have the strictest dress code. If I want to wear jeans on a Wednesday, I can get away with it. Although, I always try to pair with fancier pieces and I wouldn't dare to wear my Stan Smiths. Okay I did it once but it was a half day! Not too long ago I had to speak in front of a fair amount of people, and you bet I took it as the perfect excuse to buy a suit. Which is probably a floodgate I shouldn't have opened. 

My first purchase was a set from Target. A plaid blazer with matching pant. I can 100% recommend it, it's darn soft and looks very polished. No, it doesn't pass as a $5,000 suit (and hopefully I won't ever turn into Gob) but you'll feel pretty spiffy.

I won't lie, suits seem like a daunting project. Lots of fabric and precise sewing skills. I've been eyeing Closet Case's Jasika Blazer and Sasha Trousers. Heather even has a whole tailoring supplies kit available for purchase to make you feel less overwhelmed.

In the meantime, here's what I've been window shopping around the web to get inspired:

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