what i made: mccalls #M7974

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Helllllllo! Well, hasn't a lot changed since we last spoke? I've been a good sewing blogger, crafting away and making TikTok videos. In fact, I even made one for this dress. This was my first McCalls digital patterns that they launched recently, for #M7974. Didn't make any modifications to the fit and I made a size 10. 

Although, I switched up the construction on the top so that I didn't have to hand stitch the facing around the neckline. I'm terrible at hand sewing. 

For those who have the pattern and are interested: Right sides together, machine stitch around the neckline (so, no slipstitch/ladder hand stitch). Clip seam allowance, then turn right side and fold exposed back yolk edge and top stitch. This means that the back yolk will have a visible top stitching instead, which is much much MUCH more preferable for me. 

It's been a good distraction from the chaos I suppose. Anyways, I specifically bought this pattern due to it's similarity to this top. I can't wait to make it again in a print! 

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