What I Made: True Bias Lander Pants

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Wow! So much has transpired in our world since we last spoke. I hope you've been able to keep your head above water with all this stress and that you're staying safe. Feels like we may see some real waves of change... don't forget to vote, y'all!! 

I've been burrowing my head in sewing projects. In fact, I recently set a limit to no more than one project a week. Now I'm a few projects past this one. This was a fun sew! I got this fabric for $4.99 a yard from Mood, it's an Italian Mother Goose Satin-Faced Stretch Cotton Twill...what a name. Oh, and here is a link to the pattern.

I cut my size based on my body measurements which almost always results in the pattern being too big...much prefer to work from final garment measurements. I had to heavily modify to fit around my waist and hip area. It's kind of the one thing that still mystifies me after all my years of sewing. 

Other than that, they turned out pretty cute! I'll still need to take out even more fabric around the hip to get a better fit but I still like them! Not a fan of how quickly this fabric creases, though.

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