Sewing Gift Guide 2020

Monday, November 9, 2020

Hobby gift giving can be difficult, and it's one of those things most people steer clear from. But if you're dying to get that special someone a sewing related gift, I'm here to help! I'm posting this early because there is some investigative work that you need to do.

If you're trying to machine shop...

 First, identify the kind of sewist they'd like to be. There's a difference between apparel sewing and quilting/embroidery! Typically, those who are looking to quilt need a lot more bells and whistles than someone who sews everyday clothes like myself. That's not to say they aren't nice, but 40 decorative stitches might not have much use for someone who doesn't quilt.

Personally, I learned how to sew on an entry level machine with only 10 stitches and no fancy features. It was perfect if you ask me! You can go with a more expensive machine but if they don't stick with it as a's kind of wasted money. The model I started on was a gift from my aunt, the Brother LS2125i which seems to be no longer manufactured. 

I've also sewn on a Janome HD1000 (~$300) and a Brother SE6000 (~$500). The Janome is a midrange industrial meaning it's a big stronger, whereas the Brother has a lot more embroidery/quilting type features as well as an automatic thread cutter... which is pretty nice honestly.

For me, the combo of a normal sewing machine (without quilting features) and a separate serger (to finish seams and sew stretching fabrics) is the dream setup! 

So, if you're trying to machine shop, the most important thing to find out is what kind of projects they'd like to sew. From there, you can set the price by what fits your budget. Some may favor a stronger machine that can sew through faux leather and faux fur compared to someone who wants to embroider sweatshirts. I've linked some of my favorite machines below! Don't forget to look into return policies.

If you're looking for something fun... 

 If you're looking for more of the stocking variety of gift, there are many options out there! A unique seam ripper, fun colored clips for sewing instead of pins, a fresh set of pins, a cute new wrist pincushion... I could go on and on. Here are some of my favorites from Etsy! I mean, how cute are the biscuit pattern weights.

If you're trying to buy fabric...

Just don't. No, really, this is such a hard one because you have to make sure the fabric is right for whatever sewing pattern they are going to be using. The only time I would buy fabric is if I knew exactly what to get style wise and with a particular pattern. Instead, grab a gift card to their favorite store.

Mood Fabrics and Blackbird Fabrics are my favorite!

If you're trying to buy sewing patterns...

This isn't as difficult as buying fabric but can still be risky. Again you can go the gift card route but for the fun of it, I've rounded some up cute, lesser known sewing patterns from Etsy. 


Alright! That's all I have for you this time. Next up?

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