What I Made: ariana grande x selkie inspired dress

Friday, February 19, 2021

 You guys... I did it. I made the bubblegum pop princess dress of my dreams. I was always one of those girls in a frilly dresses growing up so it's only fitting I continue this trend. This dress is a hybrid of the Selkie puff dress and Ariana Grande's sweetener era dress. Self drafted, too! I'll be doing a YouTube tutorial on how I made these removable puff sleeves. No really, I will. I have it edited, just need to do the voice over!

Really, you just need a crap ton of poly organza to make this dress. I used about 5 yards. Mostly, for the puff skirt. That alone was about 4 yards just gathered to my underbust measurement. The top was super easy, just two darts on the bust. Anyway, you know I made a TikTok.

Also wearing my ShopCholla iridescent corazons that I can't believe I snagged. Anyway....enjoy this ridiculous post!


  1. WOW Jade! I am so impressed, this looks so fun and bubbly! I recently made my first self-drafted top- you're right, it's such a rewarding feeling! Can't wait to see what you make next :)


  2. Stunning I have two Selkie dupes I love to wear with a petticoat make it puff out more - lovely dress well done 💙


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