What I Made: Taylor Swift Inspired Rainbow Wrap Dress

Friday, August 26, 2022


Wow – I can't believe I haven't shared this one here yet! I'm way behind on posting a lot of projects... I can't ever decide if the blog is dead. I spent a lot of time posting on TikTok because the short video format is easy and fun. But, that doesn't mean I should ignore this space...I'm sure someone is still reading!

Taylor Swift wore a rainbow wrap sequin dress to promote her album Lover, so I made one too. I took seven different colors in half yard measurements, cut them into 3 inch strips, and sewed those together to create the fabric. I then use a heavily modified BurdaStyle wrap dress that I've made several times. 

It's safe to say that I will not be working with sequins again anytime soon. They were EVERYWHERE! I'd open my laptop at the office to find that they traveled with me. They even made their way in the fridge into a container of hummus. The sequins can't be stopped...

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