My Taylor Swift Eras Tour Outfit: Pink Sequin Dress

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

taylor swift eras tour sequin dress

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 Posting on this blog feels a little bit like shouting in an empty room, but I think there are still a few of you around! Anyway, last minute invites to Las Vegas for the Taylor Swift Eras Tour means last minute sewing projects. Originally, I was going to recreate a specific outfit from a music video but ultimately decided to go with Lover era vibes. I ordered these curtains from Amazon because it was the only pink sequin fabric that would come on time. Yes, I made a dress from curtains. The curtains are not solid so you will need a lining fabric!

It was my first time sewing the Marselis dress by The Uncut Project. I didn't follow the instructions and slightly modified the back, but I will be making this dress again in the future! The intended fabric is something much more summer/warm weather friendly, perfect for linen blends. 💗

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