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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

(F21 shorts, DIY Vest, ph. by Brooke)

I started my sewing class last Saturday which has left me wanting to make anything I can possibly think of (purses, more coats, dresses). Next week I will finally begin sewing that cape I cut out a few weeks ago! Super excited...I'll have to keep you posted on that project. I drove around with my sister to three different fabric stores and was really disappointed with the lack of faux fur ( I really wanted to make my sister this one coat...) Anyways, I think I will have to resort to online? We shall see! I grabbed this fabric, which has really short synthetic fur and followed this DIY at Maegan. I love the drape it has, along with how easy it was to make! Now go DIY!


  1. ohmyygoosh i looove that vest!

    sooo if i payed you would you sew me some stufff? ;)

  2. It is really difficult finding good faux fur ...or any specialty fabrics at regular fabric shops ...I really wish they would stock up more because I hate driving all over the place searching for the good stuff!

    Your vest came out great!!! ...tweeting now ;)


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