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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

(F21 shorts, DIY Vest, ph. by Brooke)

I started my sewing class last Saturday which has left me wanting to make anything I can possibly think of (purses, more coats, dresses). Next week I will finally begin sewing that cape I cut out a few weeks ago! Super excited...I'll have to keep you posted on that project. I drove around with my sister to three different fabric stores and was really disappointed with the lack of faux fur ( I really wanted to make my sister this one coat...) Anyways, I think I will have to resort to online? We shall see! I grabbed this fabric, which has really short synthetic fur and followed this DIY at Maegan. I love the drape it has, along with how easy it was to make! Now go DIY!


  1. Hello! great blog you've got!!check out my blog and if you like it follow me and i promise i'll do the same!
    kisses from pepa

  2. ohmyygoosh i looove that vest!

    sooo if i payed you would you sew me some stufff? ;)

  3. It is really difficult finding good faux fur ...or any specialty fabrics at regular fabric shops ...I really wish they would stock up more because I hate driving all over the place searching for the good stuff!

    Your vest came out great!!! ...tweeting now ;)


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