Thursday, January 13, 2011

Did I ever show you the headband I knitted?! I was super proud of it (hehe) second knitted piece! It was really easy, just cast on 13 stitches, continue to knit to the width of your head, and bind off. Then cast on again (for the bow), doesn't matter how much, just more than 13 stitches so its thicker than the size of the band. To make the bow simple to knit, instead of adding/dropping stitches, I just tied some yarn around the middle to pinch it. Ta-da! That's it! I look around ASOS, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters for knit headbands and scarfs that I can easily make. You should too!


  1. Jade. Please teach me how to knit!

  2. This is so cute. I've really been wanting to learn how to knit, but I'm not sure I have the patience. hah

    xox Courtney Michele

  3. oh wow that's really nice!
    looks really cute (:


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