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Friday, March 11, 2011

(LF thigh highs, Soda boots, Topshop Dress, Self-made jacket)

Who needs a boyfriend photographer when you have a 7 year old brother! It was his idea to sit, and his idea to look this way, then that way...I dubbed him the creative director for today. He also told me to look "affisticated" (and no, I didn't tell him that its really sophisticated.) We've had some pretty fortunate weather this past week. Although, while I was enjoying my day today, there is a sad part of me wishing the best for everyone who is currently in Japan and any area effected by the quake. Stay strong!


  1. Your brother did an amazing job, these photos look great!


  2. aww haha what a cute little brother :)
    & he did a great job, gorgeous photos!

    i made a new twitter btw:!/jjade_mariie


  3. ahaha how cute!! he should be your permanent photographer cuz he did an amazing job. LOVE your blonde hair


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