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Sunday, March 6, 2011

(BDG jeans, Self-made coat, vintage shoes, friends weird band shirt....)

After much lusting over printed coat after coat I decided that I would take the jump and make my own. The usual routine of hunting to find the right coat didn't seem as satisfying as sewing my own. So six hours later, $37.99 spent, and faux fur covering the floor, my journey was complete. And yes, it was every bit as satisfying as shopping (and more) after I slipped my arms into each sleeve, to find a finished project of my own vision rather than buying one. Stoked!


  1. Sensational job on the jacket. I love the last photo. Color, composition, pose, everything.

  2. You made it? Good job, wish I could sew as you!
    Btw, you are so pretty, Im following you!

  3. Oh my god, you made the jacket yourself? So freaking amazing! Haha, I absolutely love it. Lovely song btw! And cute blog :)

  4. looove these pictures!

    and that leopard print coat... amaazing.



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