coachella april 15-17

Monday, April 18, 2011

Coachella was amazing this year...of course! I came armed with disposable cameras this time around so that my nice cameras didn't get ruined. Worked out pretty well! Above is one of the many art installations, it was so pretty and lit up at night time. One of my favorites!

My awesome sister Brooke making those cute faces she does.

My cousin Colton and I.

More art, plus the "GIANT WHEEL" (you couldn't get me on there).

Another friend of mine...Renatta! Andy in the background hehe!

My sister Brooke and cousin Colton posing with more art. Colton and Cameron (below) are identical twins! This was the majority of my Coachella crew (plus my other cousin Wyatt, their older brother).

My friend Jessie...amazing cheek bones. She showered us in tons of glitter that after multiple showers is still in my hair.

What I wore on Saturday.

And at last, a final shot of the sunset with the stringed balloons. Can't wait to see you next year, Coachella!



  1. I love your blog **
    Your outfit at Coachella was great ;D

  2. I've gotta say I am VERY jealous of this! I just finished putting up a little music run down on each day on my own blog. I couldn't go myself as I didn't have the funds to get there, but maybe one day. Anyway, looks like an amazing time!

  3. Wow, looks like it was a time! These pictures are awesome!


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