Sunday, April 10, 2011

(LF dress, Jeffrey Campbell Litas in Buttermilk, Vintage knuckle ring)

I couldn't wait for a hot summer day to come so that I could wear this dress (although it was about 65 degrees...I'm a baby). This is the dress that I simply had no choice but to go back to LF Stores to purchase. I'm in love with it! I tend to have a current obsession with anything flow-y/made out of chiffon/see-through. With all that aside, I'm sure you can see that I'm wearing some Litas. After much deliberation, I decided that it was a purchase I should make. It's either love or hate, and I happen to be a lover...

P.S. The Style Religion did a short little interview with can check it out here, and another with Nudgenick Loves Twinkle Lights! Also, some of my looks will now be posted on a cute Korean fashion website called Yozo which you can see here! Fun!


  1. Love your shoes girl!

  2. I saw your interview at the Style Region and HAD to come see your blog! You are every bit as beautiful in pictures as the words in your interview! I loved reading it. And these pictures are amazing!

  3. You look gorgeous...great photos and post!

  4. hey darling found your blog off of lookbook. love it now following.
    hope you'll take a look at mine and follow if you'd like

    love m.
    keep in touch.

  5. i freeaking want your dress.

    cute pictures

  6. you are veery pretty and this dress is awesome :)


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