Lace Bell Bottoms Tutorial

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Alright! Time for some DIY! Remember these crazy lace bell bottoms that Bonadrag sells? Super awesome, but it isn't a usual thing that I have an extra $140 taking up space in my bank account. What are we to do? Make our own! I made my pair for about under $30 and it was super easy!

  1. Thread
  2. 2 yards of lace (Any color, of course. My lace isn't stretchy.)
  3. Shorts (to sew the lace legs to)
  4. Skinny jeans & Flared jeans
  5. Paper
  6. Pins
The first thing that I noticed about the pants is that they are tight to your leg until right under the knee. To get my size correct, I took my pair of skinny jeans and put them on top of the flared jeans. Then I traced the shape on to some paper (you don't need the jeans to get the shape, you could eyeball it if you'd like). Remember to add a seam allowance on the sides of your pattern. You need the seam allowance in order to give yourself space to sew. If you don't, the garment will be smaller than intended!

Take your pattern and lay it onto the fabric. You can either pin the pattern to the fabric or use pattern weights. Now cut! You need to cut four pieces of this pattern shape.

Once you have your four pieces, we are ready to pin again. Take two of the pieces and pin them together. Repeat to the other two! These, obviously, are the legs.

We need to sew the two pieces together down both sides (now you can see how the seam allowance comes into play!)

Super easy, right? You can sew these by hand if you don't have a sewing machine of course. The last step is just sewing each completed leg to a pair of shorts. You are going to want the shorts to be made of a thinner material, so that you can wear these crazy babies underneath a long shirt or something. Also, when you sew the legs to the shorts, you will want both the leg pieces and the shorts inside out. So the seams of the legs and the pants need to be on the outside. This is so that you have a finished edge when you flip them right side out. That's it. No really, it's that easy. No go sew these and show them off to all your friends! Let me know if you have any questions!


  1. This is a great project! Thanks :)

  2. Very nice idea! I was wondering: Did you hand sew it, or use a machine? If you used a machine, how did you do it so that you didn't catch any of the hairs?


  3. Omg, if only I had a sewing machine <3


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