self made cape, now in camel!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Self made cape, ASOS boots, In Love With Fashion dress

I was super excited to make the cape again, but this time in a camel color. Not only in camel, but I actually lined this one! I'm super proud of that fact because it feel like something you would actually buy (hehe). I'm working on revamping the cape pattern a bit...I want to do something different with the collar part, along with making it so there aren't seams on the side of the shoulders. Maybe something along the lines of this? The dress I wore underneath was sent to me by In Love With Fashion and I love it. The dress is super soft and the wrap around the chest is really chic. Not only can I wear it any time, day or night, I can wear it to work! Thanks In Love With Fashion!


  1. LOVE!!!!!!!! are you selling them?

  2. Lovely cape! This is a great outfit.

  3. both boots and cape are amazing:)

  4. You look sooo beautiful !! And cape is back !! :)

  5. you look stunning!! the cape is amazing-great job <3

  6. Wonderful!! I love the cape and the boots!! Very cool! (:


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