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Monday, November 28, 2011

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Zipia is an online Korean wholesale webshop that I love to browse. I've ordered off of it once (three years ago) and I got so much for my money. The quality isn't top but they've got some great stuff. Even if you aren't buying I find it fun to look at all the outfits. It used to be a little cheaper than it is now, but you can still get a deal. A lot of wholesale websites make you buy multiples of one item, but this one lets you spend a minimum amount of money. It used to be $500, but now its $300. And, if you can't spend $300, you can find some online forums and do joint orders, where collectively you can shop! I would consider it...


  1. great photos and recommendation! have you tried no minimum!

    xxx, the SIREN of Mod

  2. Hmm, sounds good. I haven't checked it out, but might have to now!


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