d.ra pre-sale

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ventured up to L.A. for the evening to go to the d.ra pre-sale, along with Kasil and Seychelles. Upon parking, we were able to see the lights on the second floor of the sale. I'm a sucker for those stringed things! We got to the sale about an hour before the event ended, but there seemed to be a decent amount of people and clothes. I snagged a dee & ray orange long skirt for $20 (wooohoo!) D.ra has a similar version in their upcoming collection but in a gorgeous light blue-ish color. When we were done shopping we headed on over to the lookbook.nu photo booth to snap a photo (got to support the community!) I wore my Asos skirt, Urban Outfitters boots, Style Stalker jacket, and Old Navy turtle neck. Fun stuff! Make sure you check d.RA, Kasil, & Seychelles out!


  1. ah, it all looks so lovely. I know what you mean about the fairy lights as well! x

  2. I like the simple decorations! Share the look of your new investment soon! Can't wait =)

  3. Yay! I was there at the same time. Loved your jacket and layers! Wish we could have met!


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