how to make a balenciaga inspired tiara

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Okay, so Balenciaga sent an awesome hair piece down the runway that I couldn't resist attempting to recreate. Not to mention, the $335 tiara is sold out on their site (sighs heard across the internet).  Anyways, I went down the more minimal route (sans tree branches), making this DIY even more simple.


  1. Gold spray paint
  2. Copper tube
  3. Hair combs
  4. Rhinestones and other embellishments (optional)
  5. E6000 glue
So I got my copper tube from Ace Hardware, but any hardware store should have this. Just go in with a photo and you should be able to find someone to help you find what you need (mention it must be bendable!). Don't be alarmed when they give you a funny look and question how much you know about fashion. It's chic, okay? If you want a thicker tube, just keep in mind that it will be heavier. I got the hair combs from Michaels Crafts in the wedding section.

First you will want to bend the copper to the shape of your head. I just held the middle of the tube to the back of my head, and bend the tube with my hands around my head. This copper bent easily, but will be keeping its shape.

After shaping the copper, take it outside and spray a couple of coats to get the color you want. Be sure to follow the directions of the spray paint, because the directions may vary between brands. I thought that this spray was going to be more gold but it ended up more copper looking. But, I still like the look of it, and the copper is so cheap that I'm just going to make a second one! 

Since my hair combs are plastic, I had to cut one in half in order for it to make the curves on the copper. You need to use the E6000 to glue these suckers on. Put a coat of glue on both the hair comb and the copper, but before putting them together wait a couple of a minutes. You will find instructions for gluing on the back of the tube of glue. 

If the two combs in the back aren't enough support, you can add more. As you can see in the photos above, there are two tiny holes from where the copper tubes were cut. You can use the E6000 glue to put a rhinestone to cover the holes.

And there you have it! The total cost of this project was under $15.


  1. so cute, and simple!
    this is great:)

  2. adorable! i'll definitely be trying this in the future.

  3. I have a comment when I just adore something---- Love the look and LOVE the ingenuity. You would pay any where from $25-$38 for something like this in my favorite store - begins with an "N". Which I have done. Love it.

  4. omg... this is utterly AMAZING! Great job, I never thought to DIY this xxx

  5. Love this! And it looks incredible on.


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