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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sometimes simple DIY projects are the ones you need to keep you going. I first saw Willabelle sporting a geek tee, then saw TopShop selling a sweater (similar here) and thought it would be a fun small project to work on.  

All you need is a shirt, iron on letters, an iron, a pressing cloth, and something to iron on! You can use any shirt, or tank top. You can also grab just any old t-shirt and cut it into a crop top if you wanted. I used Transfermations from Michaels Crafts. This particular package has felted letters. Feel free to use any iron on letters, just make sure you follow the packages directions.

Cut out your letters and arrange them on your shirt.

The Transfermation directions instruct you to prewash your shirt before ironing. Next you will want to preheat the section where your letters will go (it says the heat should be set to wool). Lay your letters down on the fabric, with the plastic side facing you, as shown in the photo above. Then you will want to lay your pressing cloth over the letters and iron for 60 seconds. After that, turn the shirt inside out and iron again for 20 seconds.

 Let the shirt completely cool, and peel the plastic off the letters. If the design is sticking to the plastic, go ahead and repeat the ironing process. Pretty easy, right? Now go DIY!

Not in the DIY mood? Shop below!


  1. Oh! me encanta :)

    Un beso desde Stylish love

  2. Such a great idea, thanks for making this! x

  3. i took some of these pics woooo

  4. Awesome! I've been thinking of doing this with a sort of ill-fitting Adventure Time shirt.

  5. I would really love to have your shirt, it looks amazing!


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