diy bucket bag in action

Friday, January 10, 2014

Target pants, DIY bucket bag, Franco Sarto boots, H&M blouse

Sometimes all it takes is a couple new pieces in your wardrobe to feel like it's a bit polished. These printed jeans will be a great addition especially with the school semester approaching. Also can't forget to mention my bucket bag! It has a lot of space which is always great.


  1. Fantastic bag and pants !!

  2. Love your outfit. Your DIY's are always so great, I need to have a go at some! x

  3. You chose the perfect outfit to pair it with! I would TOTALLY pay you for one of those. (Even though I should probably just stop being lazy and make one too!) x

  4. I really like your sunnies, not sure what brand they are, but they remind me of Karen Walkers

    xox Style Prosciutto


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