mini diy double pearl ring

Friday, January 17, 2014

DIY ring

Sometimes mini DIY projects keep you on your toes. Pearls are obviously a major lust item at the moment, and after spotting the Swell Mayde delicate pearl ring, I was reminded that I had some extra pearls that I could do something with. I also recently saw a double pearl ring and I can't remember who, but decided I would make my own. 

Here are my materials! Two large pears, needle nose pliers, and metal craft wire.

Very simple instructions here. Cut some wire, make sure its long enough to not only wrap around most of your finger, but to twist at the ends to keep the pearls on the wire.

Good thing I got my nails done recently! Slip a pearl on one end, use the pliers to secure. Repeat to other end and trim wire.

Taaaa-daahhhh! See? Super easy. If anything, let this serve as some sort of inspiration for you!
Happy crafting~


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