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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

While many of you follow my blog to see my sewing adventures, there will be a shift in scheduling until mid-January. There is good reason though! I'm currently on vacation in Europe. On the itinerary: London, Rome, Amsterdam, Paris, & Munich. A lot, I know. Exciting, I know!

TopShop Jacket, Charlotte Russe sweaterflats, Zara jeans

I didn't bring my big camera with me on this trip and I'm still on the fence for how I feel about it. It's quite nice being able to snap a photo and still be involved with whatever is going on. Not lugging around a large camera is also a plus while traveling. The con? Photos just aren't same.

Either way, I'll still be documenting and posting about the trip along the way. Our time in London was short but sweet. I recommend a cab tour if you don't have much time in the city. The tour guides have so much knowledge and know the best places to see and the right times to go, ensuring that your time is well spent.

Left: View from our flat. Everyone talks about Airbnb because it is worth the hype. Our trip will all be stays with Airbnb which give you the option of being in the middle of everything, even if there isn't a hotel insight.

Right: Bangers & Mash at the Crusting Pipe. We stopped at this place on our own and I'm not sure this is considered "authentic" but I can at least tell you that it was delicious. How can you go wrong with sausage and mash potatoes?

Next up? Roma! 


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