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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

All I could think when I first saw the Sierra was how fun it would be to sew my first bra. I had been tracking the #bramakingwithmadalynne tag on instagram and was eager to contribute. I guess my eyes had glossed over the fact that when I used that hashtag I had entered myself in a contest to win $25 to Bra Making Supplies. Fun stuff!! So this post here is to share with you what I received, & a mini review.

When I first saw these rose gold rings and sliders I was in love! They might just be my favorite of the bunch.

I am in love with this delicate lace, beautifully multicolored & matches with the rose gold, can't wait to sew something romantic.

Everything looks and feels a great quality and I'm very happy with what I picked.  I'll be able to give a better review when I finally get to sew something ;). Big thanks to Maddie (who has an awesome sewing machine giveaway & launch of intimates) and to Bra Making Supplies

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