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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Megan Nielsen Sewing Pattern, Version #3
Nadia Block Heel (On Sale)

When I first saw this skirt I knew I had to sew it. Reformation is selling quite a few skirts in this style and I'm obsessed. The one thing that I had the most trouble with was finding a fabric that was suitable and that I liked. First fabric was way too light (should have ordered a swatch), the second fabric was too heavy, and you guessed it, the third attempt was just right. I grabbed it at Joanns and it is a Silky Solid Pucker Crepe. A little see through but that's nothing a slip or body suit can't fix! 

I used my rolled hem foot for the first time, and next time I make this skirt I think I'll use a wider hem on the skirt. The hem was so tiny that it made some extra waves that I wouldn't really want next time. What a time saver that rolled hem foot is though! I honestly didn't even know I had one (amateur, I know). This fabric had a hard time pressing so the foot made the fabric a little bit easier to handle.

The most difficult part of this pattern is hemming. Since the skirt has such a long and curved hem, attempting a hem without my rolled hem foot looked really messy. Maybe you have more patience than I do, though. Switching over to the foot took a while to get used to but once I did, it was very much worth it.

Overall I really enjoyed this sewing pattern and will be making it again. It does require a lot of fabric but there are such few steps to the pattern, which for me makes up for the large fabric requirement. I'm tempted to make the next version double layered like this skirt.


  1. Wow, flawless and so feminine!!

  2. I've looked at this skirt pattern about 100 times and haven't hit buy yet because of the fabric requirement and all.that.hem. Your version looks amazing!!

    1. Thanks! You should do it!! The fabric requirement can easily make this skirt an expensive project but I had coupons so it wasn't too bad :) The hem was the real beast here, though. If you don't have a rolled hem foot, seriously get one before this project!!

  3. Stunning. Would you mind me sharing this on Sassy Sewing Bees in the future? I link to your post and let you know when.


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