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Saturday, November 19, 2016

While I was grabbing more fabric to finish up my second Archer, my speed walking was halted when I saw a section of "printed knits". First, anything patterned I usually stay away from. Second, I rarely find knits at Joann's that I like. This time there were four different bolts of fabric that I couldn't decide between. I ended up walking away with this double sided knit. I had no idea what I was going to make but I grabbed 2 and a half yards anyways.

This knit fabric is very soft on the "wrong side" but the wrong side is just as cute as it's counterpart. I believe you can find it here. It is on sale at the moment but just remember to take your coupons with you, just in case. After mulling over some ideas (an oversized cardigan, a knit dress?) I ended up with the Inari Tee Version. I figured I would get the most wear out of it, because I can easily pair it with denim, but also dress it up with a skirt.

What an easy sewing pattern! I cut the fabric and had the shirt all sewn up in one afternoon. Instructions are clear and you only need the interfacing if you are making the shirt out of a woven fabric. I followed the directions except for the length. I have a new wardrobe rule of no crop tops. Why? Because I buy them and never wear them. So all I did here was extend the length. I think I messed up a bit on the neckband, maybe should have been a little shorter so that it lays more flat? Not sure...maybe it will be a little better after it's first hand wash. Any of my followers know the answer to that? Tell me below in the comments!!


  1. Super cool , casual and minimalistic outfit! Great tee!

  2. Your style is so cool. Love it!

    xx, Andrea - Strawberries 'n' Champagne

  3. Very cute! I actually like the neckband sticking out a bit, it's like a muted nod to beatnik style.

    1. thanks! everyone seems to not mind the bit sticking out :)


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