red duoplex marlborough bra

Monday, December 5, 2016

You can go ahead and laugh at me for hanging a bra in a christmas tree.

I recently ordered a beautiful red duoplex bra kit from Arte Crafts.  I've been dying to make a bra that wasn't out of lace that that I can wear it with thinner shirts. As much as I love the look of lace, it isn't practical with every shirt. The upper cup of the Marlborough bra is suppose to be made of scalloped lace. I have more than enough fabric to make two bras out of duoplex, so I figured I would make the upper cup out of duoplex and see what happens. The result? Well, it fits! I'll admit it doesn't fit as great as my pink lace bra but I still love it.

Sewing duoplex was interesting to say the least. If you are new to bra making, I suggest sewing a lace version with non contrasting thread. This hides any messy stitching until you can get a good handle on using bra making fabrics. This is my 3rd or 4th attempt at bra making, and trust me when I say there are mistakes! 

As much as I loved the bra kit, I will note that there was not enough strap elastic to make the Marlborough bra. I would recommend adding some to your order! I used some left overs that I had which worked out perfectly because black straps will match my clothes.

Now I'm tempted to try a charmeuse bra!!

Marlborough Bra Pattern

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