linen button down midi dress

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Not too long ago I stopped into Urban Outfitters and tried on this dress. It's not often that I try on a midi dress and fall in love with it. But I couldn't get this one out of my head for some reason. While trying the dress on I couldn't help but think that I could make it using my new dress pattern that I've been using. This is now the third time making the dress, following my light blue and navy polka dot dresses.
I had a bit of a scare right after I finished sewing this dress. I had just finished inserting a skirt lining when I noticed a tiny bit of blood near the last button on the bottom of the skirt. "I'm bleeding???" I had somehow cut my knuckle, didn't feel it, and gotten it on the dress all within 30 seconds of my final fitting. After a quick google search & hydrogen peroxide dousing later, there was no trace of it. I can't believe I saved it!

This fabric is from Joanns and was pretty expensive, but it was so soft. Good thing coupons exist! It's a linen blend that has a bit of stretch to it. I should have made the button band wider, interfaced the bodice facing (how do I always forget???) as well as line the bodice. There is always next time!!


  1. Wow, simply wow! You're looking so gorgeous an feminine in this retro dress!

  2. Such a pretty dress. Love the sound of the fabric. Linen always wins me over!


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