madalynne x simplicity 8437 strapless bra

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I held onto this pattern for almost a month before cutting into it. Most of the time I can't wait, but I accidentally ordered the wrong kit from Madalynnes shop. I ordered a kit for 8436, which is gorgeous but I realllly wanted to make a strapless bra. I wasn't sure I had all the right fabrics but yesterday I finally said "oh well" and cut into it. I can safely say that everything worked out! I did have to run to the store to get boning.

It's not the most perfect stitching, but I still love it! The only issue is that it is a tad too small in the cup, still wearable. I have enough fabric to cut and sew another. I really loved this bra, can't wait to make a ton of them!


  1. I just bought this pattern the other day and am super excited to give it a go! Your version is very sweet.

    1. thanks! it sews up so fast, i'm sure you will love it~


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