self drafted bralette

Friday, September 22, 2017

So far with one bra kit from Madalynnes site I have had enough fabric to sew two strapless bras, a thong and this self drafted bra. The beauty of having small boobs! I desperately need to find a new spot in the house to snap these flat lays in but I just sew in my room next to my bed & drum set, no fancy sewing space here!

I did have to dig in my stash for additional elastic and other notions and was happy to finally use up some more scraps. The inside elastic on the cups is a little wonky because I didn't have skinny elastic so I cut it from thicker elastic. Not the best move because it could fray but this bra will be hand washed anyways and I don't mind trimming it. I also forgot to finish the edges on the inside of cup seams but again, I will survive even though seeing them in the photos irritates me!


  1. So pretty! I haven't entered the world of sewing bras yet but it's on my to-do list!

    1. you should! i always recommend using a bra kit to get started! and have some of my favorite kits :) its so much easier than trying to source everything and better to know you have the right type of fabrics.


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