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Sunday, October 8, 2017

I made another Wrap Dress with Sash by BurdaStyle! I think this is version number 4? I've done black, coral pink, spanish floral, and now stripes. Yes, San Diego has is still under the impression that it is the middle of summer. I yearn to be able to wear a sweater!! 

This fabric is from Joanns but I can't seem to find it on their website, it is some sort of crepe with 5% spandex. Walked in looking for a ribbed knit, came out with the stripes at $4 a yard. Not many different details on this dress, I omitted the darts on this one because, well, I forgot. It ended up being just fine because when I tie the sash I like to pull it out a bit, so the darts are sort of an unnecessary step for my style. Since I cropped this dress it sews up quite fast. If you are looking for an easy afternoon sewing project, this is it! 

For the Shopper:

For the Sewist:


  1. So pretty! I love burdastyle patterns. I always say I wish they could make the ones in the store as cool as their online collection.

  2. Super cute striped dress!

  3. Did you modify the pattern? I looked at the pattern on Burdastyle website but it's a long dress

    1. I sure did! From a previous blog post: "I took the hem and the sleeve length way up. The fabric didn't take too well to the pleats in this pattern so I skipped them too."

      I left the pleats out in this one as well because I didn't feel like dealing with them hah!

  4. Really nice dress! I'd like to ask you how many fabric did you use to make it. I have a lovely 1,5 m but I'm not sure if it will be enough for this pattern.


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