midi skirt

Monday, November 27, 2017

Decided it was time for my wardrobe to have a skirt of a longer length. I often gravitate to shorter hems but as of late I've been wanting to mix it up. I can't remember the fabric name, I try to take a photo of the end of the bolt at the store but forgot this time. I snagged it from Joanns. 

This is the same dress pattern that I drafted, I just sewed up a new facing for the top band of the skirt. Iron on some interfacing and you are good to go!! I bought some plaid fabric to make another but I'm thinking that might be too busy of a print so I'll have to figure something else out. Our days may be warm but it has started to cool off a bit in the evening so I was able to wear my favorite H&M casual sweater. They also make it in a bunch of colors, so if you are looking for a cute sweater this is it!!


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