Adrienne Blouse Mini Review + Sew-Along

Monday, March 25, 2019

I did a thing! Filmed a mini review + sew-along of Friday Pattern Companies Adrienne Blouse! I call it mini because I don't film and walk you through every single little step. This is a new series that I hope to continue over on my YouTube channel. I would like to expand it not only from indie pattern companies to the big 4, but also DIY tutorials that I see in this big digital ocean. But we all know how I am... hopefully not another year for my next video. 


  1. Love your video! I think I can help with the slight gape at the neckline too. If you cut the binding a little bit shorter and stretch it as you're sewing it to the top edge it should fix it :) xx

    1. You...are smart :) Thank you, that makes total sense!

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