alexandria peg trousers

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Recently whipped up another version of Named Patterns Alexandria Peg Trousers! Its been a good two years since I've sewn up a pair, and I took my sweet time with these instead of blasting through them. Finished every raw edge and used quilting clips rather than pinning. 

I used this amazing Tencel Twill from Blackbird Fabrics. And let me tell was SO soft, sustainable (!!!), and cute. This print is sold out but I'm sure you will find something you love over there. Take all my money!!

Anyways, this is sewing pattern is great because not only are they work friendly, you can toss on some heels and a cute top, or wear them casually. The only part I'm not 100% in love with is the pleats on the front, so I may figure out how to eliminate them. I'll be sure to share if I do so!

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